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Get interested, qualified B2B Enterprise leads for your product in your next quarter.

We help Series B CMOs meet their marketing sourced pipeline, opportunity, and revenue goals with our proven Product Narrative Framework.


CMOs pipeline challenge

You are being asked to meet marketing-sourced opportunity and pipeline goals, but the reality is either your funnel is full of low-quality leads and needs to be rebuilt or you're spending hundreds on a single enterprise contact.


Both options are going to take a lot of time, money and headaches to be fixed.

Your marketing team has always run top-of-funnel results to any user, hoping to catch an enterprise buyer in a wide net, with BDRs reaching out to everyone and passing them off to sales.


It’s expensive, your enterprise leads hate it, and everyone is asking for better results, but you aren’t sure what you need to fix to bring in the right pipeline, opportunities, and revenue growth.

How to generate the right pipeline

What most companies do is create ad-hoc, messaging snippets or create a Google slide and brainstorm three value propositions and test them. It’s disconnected from a bigger story your company should be telling about your product to your ideal audience. 

We generate interested, qualified enterprise marketing leads in a fraction of the time of other demand gen agencies or full-time employees using the Product Narrative Framework.


enterprise leads

captured per month


average enterprise

deal size


enterprise opportunities opened in a quarter


of leads VP title

and above

Go from spam submissions to
high-quality enterprise leads



Step 1: Creating a Product Narrative

We start by creating a product narrative for your product or platform.


This is the one narrative that positions your product correctly in its category, explains how it was thoughtfully designed for your ideal enterprise customer, and how your product features are already transforming customers' business today. 

This is the one story that all of the enterprise marketing campaigns will dock into.

Bonus: it will also be available for your BDRs to use for new messaging with prospects.

Step 2: Go-To-Market Strategy
Step 3: Content Assesment

We assess the current content you have and choose what is the best fit for your ideal enterprise customer as a lead magnet.


If nothing is a good fit based on the messaging they need, we will update a piece of content with messaging from your new product narrative.


Once we have the product narrative, we create a customized product narrative Go-To-Market strategy for your B2B enterprise buyers.


This connects your buyers and their pain to your product narrative, but customized for them.


Now we know exactly the campaigns that should target them. If you don’t know who you are ideal buyers are, don’t worry we will figure that out for you. 

Step 4: First Campaign

We launch your first B2B enterprise campaign into the market with the test budget you’ve set for us.


We recommend at least $5k/month to start. We run it for 30 days to get as much market feedback as possible.


During that 30 days, we’ll pivot campaigns to optimize cost per lead. 

Step 5: Data Analysis

We gather data and crunch math equations to work back the pipeline, opportunities, and enterprise leads you want to hit per quarter based on the pilot run.


That will determine how much you need to invest a month to get the interested, qualified enterprise leads that sales needs.

Step 6: Campaign Optimization

We optimize your B2B enterprise campaign with your new budget, and start getting you interested, qualified enterprise buyers.


A Series A Developer Platform startup was trying to get their next round of funding for a Series B. Every investor said the same thing:

“You need to show growth. Prove to me that someone other than your corporate friends & family is interested in your product.” 

This startup had never done any demand gen, except going full throttle on LinkedIn ads whenever they needed to market an event. Their enterprise leads cost them over $500 each. They wondered why none of those leads ever converted into opportunities. 

They brought us in and we did our magic – the Product Narrative Framework – and within two months they had $500K of net new enterprise opportunities, 300 enterprise leads, all at $30 bucks per lead. 

They couldn’t believe that C-suites from the biggest banks, manufacturing companies, and healthcare organizations were interested in their product.


opportunities opened

in 2 months


new enterprise leads

in 2 months


cost reduction

per lead



Are you ready to turn on your B2B enterprise lead funnel with interested, qualified buyers? Are you ready to stop being roasted at every leadership meeting about leads? Are you ready to feel successful and get some quick wins as CMO?

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